Route: Cloud Peak (WY)

Wyoming, US
37.8 km
Vertical Gain
1,620 m

Cloud Peak is a Wyoming thirteener and the highpoint of the Big Horn Range. It is the third highest range highpoint in the state and one of the Ultra-prominence points of the United States. 

The mountain, a Wyoming landmark, is visible across great distances and from other mountain ranges of Wyoming and Montana as well as being visible from populated areas. It is the centerpiece of the Cloud Peak Wilderness and its giant east face harbors the largest glacier in the range (the Cloud Peak Glacier). Though the SW Ridge is a long scramble, there are big wall climbs on both the East and SE faces.

The peak (and the SW Ridge route) are among the most popular ascents in the state. It is common to see several parties a day attempting the climb during the summer climbing season (July and August). Speed ascents have been made from the West Tensleep Trail head in under three hours.

Note that the Battle Park approach is a 1-2 miles shorter each way, with about the same elevation gain.  Either TH is valid for an FKT attempt.

GPS Track


Bradford Burns GPS data on Garmin Connect doesn't even reach the summit. At 3h12m28s it stops short of the summit before the final ridge climb. Is this FKT verified and sticking?

Thanks for pointing this out.  I agree it's not clear.  The Garmin track ends at 1h48m56s, but reports 3h12m38s total time.  Bradford said he went to the top, but it's not clear if the time is accurate.  I have flagged his FKT.  This route awaits a clearly documented FKT (out & back makes more sense).

Hey guys, thanks for the callout! If I remember correctly, my watch may have died at the point that Peter Pointed out (1:48:56) and I continued to the top and used the timer on my phone, but as the event was two years ago, I can't clearly remember every detail! I hope this clears it up! If there is any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to my email:

If the map and data is not enough for verification, feel free to flag it and delete it if it doesn't hold up to your standards. I plan on redoing the event this summer again anyhow, and ill make sure the data recording is of high enough standards.


                          Brad Burns

Just a personal comment: Thank you all for the respectful and open dialog!  Not being perfect all the time is part of life, and being able to talk it out should also be part of how we live our lives.