Route: Coastal Prairie Trail

Submitted by David Kilgore on Wed, 01/04/2023 - 12:32pm
Florida, US

Around a 13 mile out and back in the Everglades on the most Southern Trail in the continental US. This trail is not for the faint of heart as there is extreme heat, mosquitoes (you must layer), water crossings, and over grown brush that will cut your legs if you are not wearing pants.

The trail weaves through a variety of hammocks and open prairies. You start by the flamingo camp ground and head into a hammock to start, then it alternates between prairie and hammock for about 6.25 miles.  You then get to a large water crossing to get to the coast. You hit the coast and then return on the same route back to the start.

The trail varies quite a bit from wet to dry season.  I just did it in the wet season and you are running through thick mud and ankle to knee deep water the majority of the time.  When it is dry the route is pretty quick besides the bush waking and water crossing later in the run.

I would recommend wearing sun screen, water, bug replant, long sleeves, pants, and be pumped for an adventure in the marsh!

Some wildlife you may come across are hermit crabs, thousands of minnie crabs, turtles, Alligators, snakes, Crocodiles, moon flowers, air plants, plethora of Spanish Moss, and if you are super lucky a panther.

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