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34.4 km
Vertical Gain
600 m

The starting point of the tour can be chosen individually. A suitable and popular option is the Neuses district.

From there the path runs along Goldbergsee within sight of Callenberg Castle. The castle was the summer and hunting residence of the Coburg dukes and can be visited with a guided tour. X-ray furniture, clocks and the 400-year-old castle chapel make a visit particularly worthwhile. A wing of Callenberg Castle also houses the German Shooting Museum.

The path continues towards Ernstfarm. Passing the Bismarck Tower you reach Lake Wolfgangsee in Wüstenahorn and further to Ahorn. The path then leads through the districts of Creidlitz, Seidmnnsdorf, Lützelbuch, Löbelstein, past the Veste Coburg via Dörfles-Esbach to Bertelsdorf and back to the starting point.