Route: Corby Round (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Andy Holt on Sun, 05/17/2020 - 05:30am
United Kingdom
51.5 km
Vertical Gain
622 m

This is the around Corby route as found on the LDWA website. It starts and finishes at East Carlton country park and circumnavigate Corby in a clockwise direction. It uses bridleways and footpaths where possible with some short road sections through villages. 

- Submitted by Andy Holt

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FYI anyone attempting this route.


I tried to run it last weekend and had to abort after 30km. The route is terrible overgrown and my legs were cut to pieces.


Also, some of the route is not runnable anymore due to building and I had to scale over fences and gates.

I ran this today, 27-10-22 [see].

It had rained hard overnight so the conditions underfoot were very heavy for a 90% off road route and I was much slower than expected.

Navigation isn't easy going through the villages and across the fields.

Per Deldunworth's comments, there is a new housing estate on part of the course shortly after you pass Kirby Hall. If you turn right and run up the road to the T junction, then left, it brings you back onto the course. The new housing estate has purpose built footpaths to follow. I initially turned left at Kirby and it added 3.5km on to my route!

At 30km there is a new footpath which replaces the bit that Deldunworth suggests is overgrown. If you follow the new path, turning right at the end it brings you to Brigstock.

From here it is a real slog across farmers fields with rolling terrain - very difficult in the wet so anyone wanting a fast time wait for the good weather.

Just before you get to Great Oakley, you will find yourself with a new dual carriageway to contend with. Look left and you will see a bridge then trace your steps back to go under the railway bridge.

Great Oakley to Pipewell is a very overgrown path through wooded areas and more paddocks. It's all doable but not the most pleasant part of the route. I would imagine it would be much worse in the summer months though.

Happy to answer any questions via Strava.

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As per previous comments. The route does get overgrown in places. On my fkt the housing estate and dual carriage was there but I climbed the fences to follow the old route.