Route: Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail

Submitted by Brie Choate on Fri, 04/29/2022 - 07:02am
New Hampshire, US
83 mi
Vertical Gain
3,662 ft

From the xNHAT website :

"Rail trails, dirt roads, bike paths and quiet back roads link together for an adventurous route from Woodsville, New Hampshire to Bethel, Maine (or vice versa). On the Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail (xNHAT), intrepid adventurers can experience the glory of the northern New Hampshire landscape, learn about the natural and cultural history of the region and partake in the hospitality of the many small towns along way."

The route can be run in either direction so there is an eastward and westward variation; starting from Woodsville there will be a total elevation gain of 3948ft and starting from Bethel total gain is 3662ft. Beginning the route from Bethel, ME provides the opportunity to continue across the New Hampshire border at Woodsville and onto the Cross Vermont Trail that begins in the town of Wells River, VT.

As of 4/28/22, work continues to be done on the trail in order to reroute the stretch of pavement between Whitefield, NH and Littleton, NH. That section of rail trail has tracks that are actively being removed and will open soon according to the organization's social media updates. Although the route is pedaled (yuk yuk) as a cyclists' adventure trail, it will be fun to venture on foot across the state. End-to-end finishers receive a patch and a sticker by writing in to the Cross New Hampshire Adventure organization.