Route: Cykel og gangsti i Jyske Ås (Denmark)

Submitted by Åse Møl Christensen on Sun, 05/09/2021 - 12:25pm
32.79 km
Vertical Gain
601 m

The bicycle and footpath in Jyske Ås starts from Dronninglund Castle and ends at the square in Østervrå. The route was previously part of the Hærvejs route, but this has now been given a different course, so the Jyske Ås path is easily missed due to messing signs in certain places. However, the route can easily be found and is definitely worth a visit. The route is a combined cycle and footpath, I have chosen to follow the footpath where this is possible, and then follow the cycle path when they menge into one. There is 3 km of asphalt at both ends, otherwise the route is exclusively on gravel, forest trails and singletrack through the various private forests and open countryside.Ås%20Cykel%20og%20gangsti.pdf