Route: Dartmouth 50 Mile (NH)

New Hampshire, US
49.8 mi

While this is a time-honored "event", the actual FKT is obscure.  The route is about 53 miles, from Hanover to Mt Moosilauke, and is typically done by Dartmouth students at a 24 hour hike supported by the Dartmouth Outing Club.


When Dartmouth College urges its students to climb mountains, they’re not just being metaphorical.

The 50, as it has come to be known, is the marathon hike from Hanover, NH, to the peak of Mt Moosilauke, sponsored several times a year by the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC). Around 53 miles long, the distance is roughly equivalent to two marathons back-to-back, while also throwing in four mountain peaks and incredibly rugged terrain. And some unpredictable weather. You know, just because.

But students are lining up to test their mettle on The 50, so much so that the hikers have to be chosen by lottery. “At what other college can you walk on the Appalachian Trail through your own campus, all the way to a beautiful mountain peak? I think this is something no one else has,” says Jalen Benson ’17, one of the three student directors of this year’s 50.

And according to him, The 50 is quintessential Dartmouth. “We are in beautiful New Hampshire with all the mountains and we have such a strong community, so this is a chance for people to really see what they are made of. And it also gives those who aren’t into hiking a chance to help their friends along the way.”

You can read more about The 50 at Dartmouth News, and you can see photos from this year’s 50 right here!


I will attempt this route, unsupported this Sunday (2018-10-07). The route goes from Robinson Hall on Dartmouth's campus to Moosilauke Ravine Lodge (at the dropoff shelter on the road there), via the AT, to the summit of Moosilauke, and down via Gorge Brook Trail. Here's the intended route:  I plan to start at around 4 am, and hope to finish in around 14 hours. I know there are several people who have run the route much faster, but I haven't found a well-documented account, nor a clearly unsupported effort.