Route: Debar Meadows to Debar Mountain (NY)

Submitted by Brandon Minckler on Wed, 08/10/2022 - 01:04pm
New York, US
20.96 mi
Vertical Gain
2,558 ft

The 3,305' Debar Mountain is a prominent peak in the Meacham Lake area.  This out and back route is an alternative to the shorter/busier western approach.  Starting from County Route 26 (aka old route 99) the Debar Game Management Trail begins as an old gravel/broken pavement road.  This old tote road passes through The Meadows area and continues mostly west.  It passes several small ponds and marshy areas through the heart of the old game management area, once home to an initially successful attempt to return elk to the Adirondacks.  The elk persisted from the 1930s until approximately the 1960s, in which they finally disappeared due to poaching issues.  It is a unique area and makes for a mixed terrain trail run when paired with Debar mtn.  

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