Route: Dender route - van bron tot monding

Submitted by Nolan.decreton on Thu, 04/14/2022 - 09:50am
65.49 km
Vertical Gain
16 m

Dender route - van bron tot monding.

In Belgium many recreational routes are denoted fietspad (cycling route) due to long traditions of biking, but are of course also available for walking and running.

The Dender route is a route that starts at the source of the river Dender in Ath and ends in Dendermonde at the confluence with the river Schelde.

The Dender has its source in Ath at the confluence of the Eastern Dender (source at the border between Masnuy-Saint-Jean and Masnuy-Saint-Pierre) and the Blaton-Ath Canal.

The route follows the Dender all the way to Dendermonde along beautiful nature where the Dender flows into the Schelde.