Route: Devon Coast-to-Coast, Two Moors Way (UK)

United Kingdom
172.4 km

The 100-mile Two Moors Way links to the Erme-Plym Trail to create a 117-mile Coast-to-Coast trail route (different from the Devon Coast-to-Coast Cycle Route).  This route has been used for the Devon Coast-to-Coast Ultra Marathon, and to now the fastest times we know of were in the race.  A video from the 2018 race is here:



I'm attempting to set a running FKT for the Devon Coast to Coast Two Moors Way 117 miles, unsupported on Friday 27th November. Under 28 hours would be the goal. Hard to put a time on it due to Winter conditions but any time would be an FKT as there isn't an unsupported recorded time yet. 

Eddy Prince

Supported FKT attempt 24 April 2021.

T. Rainey


My attempt got cancelled due to Covid. Best of luck T. Rainey & pals with your attempt. Met some of the crew briefly in Bristol. Looking forward to following your progress. 

Attempt completed yesterday. Awaiting vetting!

Does it matter which way you do it?