Route: Dobson trail (NB, Canada)

Submitted by remspoi on Thu, 06/17/2021 - 06:20pm
New Brunswick, CA
58 km
Vertical Gain
1,120 m

The Dobson Trail is a 58 kilometre trail that starts in the Town of Riverview and goes all the way to Fundy National Park. The trail starts by following a stream. It then passes several large bogs. The first section the tail is pretty flat. At kilometre 25 where the trail crosses route 910 the trail starts to follow a deep valley and descends down to the Prosser Brook Road.

From the Prosser Brook Road the trail gets more hilly. You will pass by large wind turbines and a side trail will take you to Hayward Pinnacle. This is a small rocky peak that is the highest point in the area.

Past this section the trail flattens out again. After crossing Shepody Road at the boundary of Fundy National Park the trail drops down into the Laverty Falls valley. The official end to the trail is just below Laverty Falls but you will need to climb up out of this valley for another 2.5 kilometres to get to a parking lot.