Route: Dorsale Lariana dall'Alpe del Vicerè al San Primo (Italy)

Submitted by Andrea Bressi on Wed, 11/18/2020 - 07:39am
Como, IT
35 km
Vertical Gain
1950 m

This fkt start from the parking of Alpe del Vicerè. Just follow the crest from Monte Bollettone to Monte San Primo and back.  You must reach the true summit of each peak once.

1. Monte Bollettone

2. Pizzo dell Asino 

3. Monte Palanzone

4.Monte Croce

5.Monte Pianchetta

6.Monte falò

7. Colma di Sormano

8. Monte Cippei

9. Monte Ponciv

10. Monte San Primo

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