Route: Dorset Jubilee Trail (United Kingdom)

Submitted by JonRegler on Mon, 11/23/2020 - 08:05am
United Kingdom
140 km
Vertical Gain
2000 m

The Dorset Jubilee Trail runs from Forde Abbey on the Somerset border in the west, across Dorset to Bokerley Dyke in the north-east on the Hampshire Border.

It was created by the local Ramblers Association and in their endeavors, the Ramblers ensured the Jubilee Trail avoids existing trails and popular rights of way and seeks out little-known paths in order to open them up for all to enjoy.

The Ramblers offer this quote as suitable for their creation "The Dorset Jubilee Trail winds through quiet villages, passes rural churches and offers extensive views over the rolling downs and secret valleys that make Dorset so special".

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