Route: Dublin 7 Summits (Seahan to Kilmashogue)

Submitted by Irish Mountain… on Wed, 05/18/2022 - 12:31am
Co. Dublin, IE
32 km
Vertical Gain
1,400 m

This is a point to point challenge in which the runner hits the 7 summits of Dublin's arderins. The runner chooses their route between each summit. Runners can either start at Kilmashogue Forest gate and end at Seahan Forest gate or visa versa. Separate records are kept for each direction.

The challenge begins when the runner leaves their chosen start gate and it finishes when the runner arrives at their finish gate. Depending on runner's route choice, the challenge is approximately 30k/1000m. The Dublin Mountain summits of Fairy Castle, Prince William's Seat, Knocknagun, Glendoo, Kippure, Seefingan and Seahan must be visited along with the forest gates at the beginning and end of the challenge. There is no time limit on this challenge. Maggie Lawler created this challenge and was the first to attempt and finish it on December 21, 2021.