Route: E1 - Germany


The European long-distance hiking trail E1 starts at the North Cape in Norway. It crosses Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland over a distance of around 7000 km until it finally reaches Salerno via Italy.
This route covers the German section of the E1 from Flensburg to Konstanz is described. It is about 1900 km long and is officially divided into 76 stages.

The starting point for this world-famous long-distance hiking adventureis in Flensburg, the northernmost city in the Federal Republic of Germany. From there it goes along the Schleswig Nature Park over a sweeping loop to the state capital Kiel of Schleswig-Holstein.

The next big destination is Lübeck, from where we will drive through the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park to Hamburg. Behind the Hanseatic city of Hamburg we hike over parts of the Lüneburger Heide and successively through Celle, past the Steinhuder Meer and on via Hameln to the Weserbergland region. Then we set course for the impressive landscape of the Rothaar Mountains. In Siegerland we pass through towns such as Siegen and Neuenkirchen, where the Westerwald forest begins, which we hike through all the way to Nassau.

Now we continue through the Taunus to Frankfurt am Main. From Frankfurt am Main a flatter stage awaits us, which only changes its character again from Darmstadt. This is where the Odenwald forest begins, which offers strenuous climbs but also breathtaking views. We pass Weinheim, Heidelberg, Bruchsaal and Pforzheim, where we are now at the gate to the Black Forest.

From here we continue to follow the European long-distance hiking trail E1, which is now marked with a red diamond. We walk through the dense forests of the Black Forest Nature Park and head for Lake Titisee near Neustadt in the Upper Black Forest. From there we finally head east to Lake Constance, where our destination Konstanz is located.

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