Route: E4 Bulgaria (Vitosha-Verila-Rila-Pirin-Slavyanka)

246 km

This is the Bulgarian part of the European E4 long-distance path. Also known in Bulgaria as 'The Five Mountains', because it crosses five consecutive mountains along its way - Vitosha (highest point Black peak 2290m), Verila (highest point around 1350m), Rila (highest point Malyovitsa peak 2729m), Pirin (highest point mt Vihren 2914m - highest of the whole route and second highest peak in Bulgaria) and Slavyanka (highest point Gotsev peak 2212m - end of the route). After Gotsev peak the route continues on Greek territory.
The total length of the route in Bulgaria is 240km and has 13500m ascend and 12500m descend. A big part of the route is technical, with very rocky paths - predominantly in Rila and Pirin mountains.

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