Route: East Coast Trail, South (NL, Canada)

213.1 km

Here is our original route description:  The East Coast Trail is made up of numerous paths that intersect many communities along the coast of Newfoundland & Labrador.  It's not completely clear how long the trail is on the ground - like many trails it is in a state of flux with plans to add additional segments.  Wikipedia says 300 km, but according to Gary Robbins:  "I know they list it as closer to 300k, but they always have and that additional mileage south of the historical FKT starting point has been less of a trail and more of someone's dream of an eventual trail. I know when I ran it in 2010 there was no option at doing anything longer than 215k, but I think they advertised it as being potentially longer as though it were already completed, or imminent and it never was. I don't know if that's changed, but given no one has yet to run the longer route, I'd guess it's still not possible to do so."  To now the FKT section is 215km from Cappahayden to St. John's.

The route described above is now known as the East Coast Trail South, or  “Original East Coast Trail”. It is comprised of official East Coast Trail Association (ECTA) maps 1-19 (St John’s to Cappahayden or vice versa, approx 220 km).  The East Coast Trail North (~105km, which is not contiguous with this route) has its own page.