Route: Eifelsteig (Germany)

313 km
Vertical Gain
8,000 m

The Eifelsteig is 313 kilometres long in total and is divided into 15 daily stages of between 14 and 28 kilometres each. The first stage is the shortest by far, with just 14 kilometres. All the other stages are around 20 kilometres long. The most intensive way of experiencing the Eifelsteig hiking trail is to hike for several days in a row. Here, Eifel Tourismus GmbH and other hiking tour operators offer multiple day packages, which include baggage transportation, packed lunches and overnight stays in hotels. Some of the stages can be covered as day hikes, using public transport.

GPS Track


Teun Geurts-Schoenmakers submitted the route and announced intent to go after the FKT:

"Hi, my name is Teun. I'm going to run the Eifelsteig north bound, from the Weisshaus at Trier to Kornelimünster starting Friday morning September 28th at 5 a.m. (CEST). My father and a friend will be following along for support and a few friends will be running a few stages with me. I'm not aware of an official FKT so far."

Looks like Teun stopped after around 193km in 25.5 hours, near Blankenheim.

Correct. I had to break of my attempt due to knee injury. I will post a report soon.

This thursday 2nd of May at 5 AM CET I shall start a second attempt on the Eifelsteig fkt. It will be supported and there will be a few friends accompying me from Gerolstein at 130k untill the finish in Kornelimunster (313 km's). My progress can be followed here: and on my facebook page:

Tomorrow morning july 16, 9.00h CET, I will start a self supported attempt at the Eifelsteig. The attempt can be followed via tracking at and live updates on my facebook page I will make use of restaurants, bakeries and shops on the route for food and drinks. As well as natural water sources voor water. I think this is going to be fun :-)