Route: Eisenwurzenweg 08 (Austria)

Submitted by Matthias on Fri, 06/05/2020 - 04:10am
592 km
Vertical Gain
16730 m


This Austrian long distance trail connects the northern most point of Austria with the southern most point and runs through Lower Austria, Styria and Carinthia.


Eisenwurzenweg 08

(Österreichischer Weitwanderweg 08, 580 km)

Der Eisenwurzen-Weitwanderweg 08 stellt die Nord-Süd-Verbindung vom nördlichsten zum südlichsten Punk Österreichs dar und führt durch die Bundesländer Niederösterreich, Steiermark und Kärnten. Er wurde 1980 der Öffentlichkeit übergeben.

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Going to attempt a fastest known time on the "Weitwanderweg 08 ", a 580 km route which climbs over 20.000 meters crossing Austria from border to border, north to south. Since there is no official record yet on this route I set myself a goal of covering the distance in under 10 days. 

I will run solo & self-supported which means I will have no crew following me or other pre-arranged meetings. I will buy my food along the way and carry a minimal overnight kit. I don´t carry a tracker, for verification I will use a gps watch, pictures and a detailed post trip report. Starting Monday 22.06. at around 05:00 

I will try to post my daily progress over here:

Route info:…/weitwanderwe…/eisenwurzenweg.php

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Man down. After approx 410km covered in the last 6d and 8 hours I left the route in Judenburg. My toes got blistered all over after sliding in my shoe to much. This is super frustrating bc I felt so strong but I simply could not take the pain anymore from that pressure points/blisters. On the orher hand I am fine with that. I saw so many things in the last 6 days that sometimes I had the feeling I am doing this allready for much longer.