Route: Enola Low Grade Trail (PA)

Pennsylvania, US
30 mi
Vertical Gain
400 ft

Enola Low Grade Trail is a 29.4 mile point-to-point rail trail spanning east to west from Lancaster county into Chester county. Trail heads at the Turkey Hill Trail and the town of Atglen, with several alternate route entry points along the way. Trail is mostly gravel/dirt with very little hills or sharp turns.

GPS Track



plan on attempting 08.16.20 either Self-Supported or Unsupported.

Self-Supported attempt on tap @ 16:00

(decided to push attempt ahead of schedule due to several factors: tropical storm rains in the weeks ahead will most likely flood parts of the trail [if not already] and i reached a point in my training where i felt i had trained as much as i could for this, considering i was originally training for KTA50k on 09.12.20 in Pequea, PA {mostly hills trail race}, starting back in May, but that race was canceled. this will also allow a couple weeks to rest & recover before starting training for JFK50. Pray to God that is not canceled!)


YES! ThankYou FKT administrators, Peter, Buzz and Jeff for creating this platform and making this possible. Especially in these strange times we are living in, athletes need an outlet where they can just get out there and go for it.


Just a note about this trail... if i would have stopped my watch @ 29.4, it appears, from my close inspection of GPS tracking and a few different maps, that i would have come up just short of the end of the trail on the map. Boots on the ground is a different story. So hard to tell where this trail ends in Atlgen and that is why i made sure to run past where i knew it ended, all the way into the town of Atglen right up to Main St. I am sure you could stop your watch @ 29.5 or 29.6 just to be sure and it would all be groovy.


Also, word on the street is that the bridges will be repaired soon. So, hopefully myself or someone else will have a chance to set a faster time, someday in the near future.



Planning to attempt a round trip today, E (Atglen) to W to E, hopefully unsupported.