Route: Esprit Montagne Extreme (France)


This 100 mile route starts and ends at Hotel Esprit Montagne in La Chapelle d'Abondance (Chablais Mountains, Haute-Savoie). It consists of 2 loops, one south of the hotel and one north of the hotel. So half way you come back to the hotel to start the second loop. It's a self navigation route with mostly trails but also parts where there is no trail and you walk trough the fields or over rocks. The climb to FenĂȘtre d'Ardens is a steep one, there is an iron cable for the last 20m straight up. So some climbing skills are required. More detailed information about the route and aide points you can get from the owner of Hotel Esprit Montagne, Alke Staal, who directed a one-time "race" of the route in July 2019.