Route: Every Trail in Cromwell Valley Park (MD)

Submitted by laryssarichards on Sun, 03/14/2021 - 04:42pm
Maryland, US
8.8 mi
Vertical Gain
1,437 ft

This is a really cool route that covers all of the trails in Cromwell Valley Park, about 15 minutes outside of Baltimore, MD! This is the fastest way to cover all of the trails on feet. Here is the order of trails to cover to get them all: Eck Path, Minebank Run Trail, Birder's Path, Accessible Path, finish Minebank Run Trail, Loch Raven Drive Trail, Sycamore Path, Limekiln Trail, Greenhouse Path, Willow Grove Trail, Meadow Trail, Chat Path, continue up Willow Grove Trail, Barrans-Baldwin Trail including Scenic Overlook, finish Willow Grove Trail, Sherwood Farm Trail, Wellington Woods Trail, and finish Sherwood Farm Trail. The beginning is relatively flat, but towards the middle there is a lot of elevation changes, and it crosses a short creek twice. There are some awesome views on Barrans-Baldwin Trail. Always plenty of wildlife including tons of squirrels and deer as well as a Hawk watch area. If you are lucky, there are two fox dens (keep your distance!) and several wild turkeys that are frequent flyers. It's such a beautiful area with a variety of terrain including sand, grass, rocky, rooty, and buttery trails all in one! Give it a try if you are visiting the Baltimore area!!!!


I plan to run the trail tomorrow.   I plan to bring a map so I don't get lost!   Congrats + thanks to Laryssa for creating this route!

Will run this route with my Merrell SkyFires!