Route: Fengzhe

Submitted by cycup1u on Thu, 01/18/2024 - 11:28pm
Zhejiang Sheng, CN
86 km
Vertical Gain
7,600 m

fengzhe is called the hardest trail route in Hangzhou, and this route is fengzhe back and forth.

the start is laoheyunqi and the finnish is also laoheyunqi.

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I'll try the hardest route challenge in this Thursday 1.26

my target time is into 16 hours. The start time will be 4 am and the target finishing time will be 8pm 

because the route is so famous in hangzhou, and this is a back and forth challenge never tried before, so I beg you put my tracking info into tracking now. I'll let the runner friends to keep my info that day. Thanks.