Route: Frenchman Mtn (NV)

Nevada, US
7.4 mi

This mountain provides the backdrop for every picture taken of the Las Vegas Strip. It is easy to get to for all tourists and locals, and seems like a natural FKT for Vegas. The view from the top (Lake Mead to the East and Vegas to the West) is outstanding.  There is a Strava segments for the ascent, the descent, and round trip.

GPS Track


I'm tentatively planning to go up Frenchman Mountain this Saturday morning (Nov 10), and if I do I'll bring my InReach and track the time to set a baseline FKT on this route.  It is indeed a great Las Vegas viewpoint!


I completed an up-and-back of Frenchman Mountain yesterday, will submit the details.  There are 2 possible "highest points", so having not figured this out in advance I went to both of them.  Looks like the northern point is higher (both the peak elevation and the max attainable height on the trail before running into a gate).  It's called "Sunrise" on the topo map, and it's also the more obvious point from a distance.  I'll report my uphill split to that point.  Fun climb, rocky downhill, beautiful views.

Update: My times didn't beat the Strava course records, I'll pay more attention to that for future FKT attempts.