Route: Gårdlösaleden (Sweden)

Submitted by Gax on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 04:34am
11.11 km
Vertical Gain
88 m

Very pleasant hiking trail with few technical passages. Very varied. Relatively easy to follow the signs but be attentive!

The trail starts by the little train station in Smedstorp in the south east of Scania in Sweden. It is 60 minutes away from Malmö and 80 minutes from Copenhagen. Train from and to Malmö every hour.

We recommend running CLOCKWISE in order to meet hikers instead of coming from behind and scare them. 

Please support our little community and buy refreshments and energy at the local shop.

Smedstorp is a pleasant village with artists and art gallery to visit, swimming pool in the summer as well as Mountain bike trails.

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