Route: Gardner & North Gardner (WA)

Washington, US
26.9 mi

Posted by someone who did not give their name:

Gardner and North Gardner just west of Winthrop, WA on June 8, 2013. You start at Wolf Creek Trailhead. It is a 10 mile run into Gardner Meadows which is at the base of Gardner. From here to the summit of Gardner there is no trail. From the top we descended to the west onto a ridge that takes you to a low point between Gardner and North Gardner. Upon reaching this point you traverse another ridge up to the summit of North Gardner. After reaching the summit of North Gardner you will follow the ridge you came in on to the low point between Gardner and North Gardner. From here depending on the snow you can either go down the snow in the bowl or run down the rock scree back to Gardner Meadows. You then run or hike back out the 10 miles to the trail head.

Our times for this was:

Started at 5:30 am
Gardner Meadows at 8:45 am
Gardner Summit at 11:20 am
North Gardner Summit at 2:20 pm
Gardner Meadows at 4:20 and left there at 4:45
Finish at Trailhead at 6:29 pm

Total elapsed time was 12h59m


GPS Track


I completed this route in 11:24:35 on August 12, 2016.  I will submit an FKT.