Route: George 6 Peaks (South Africa)

South Africa

This FKT entails summiting 6 peaks in the Witfontein Nature Reserve, near George, South Africa, and moving on foot between the various peaks from the start to the finish.

• Vensterberg - 1247m
• Losberg - 813m
• Cradock Peak - 1532m
• George Peak - 1276m
• Tierkop - 766m
• Groenkop - 606m

Distance: 42-50km - Elevation gain 3900m

Leg 1: Vensterberg(1278m) and Losberg(823m)
Distance: 12km - Elevation gain 1100m
The FKT Starts at the Top of Outenqua Pass at Vensterberg trail entrance to the First peak Vensterberg. The trail is in good condition and clear for the first bit. 800m into the trail you will see a cliff face, veer to the left and start climbing the obvious route leading up the side of the cliff face.(this section might have route markers to guide you)
Once on top follow the trail en run in the direction of a saddle to your left. Straight ahead you will see a peak, this is not Vensterberg. Vensterberg will be to the right of this peak. The Hiking trail will lead you to the top of this first peak(1.4km from the start at the top), once on the peak follow the trail that heads right towards Vensterberg(1278) Some runners will contour around this peak to avoid going all the way to the top and then drop down again onto a second saddle.
Vensterberg has different approaches but the golden rule is to keep moving upwards and you will eventually get to the top. The last 100m to the summit has some dangerous cliffs and drop off’s, please be carefull and don’t take chances. Take a picture as proof that you have reached the summit and note your time.
Go down the same way you came up and go across the road when it’s safe to do so and run towards CP1
At Sputnic CP1 note your time and fill up. Continue with the fence line with sputnik on your left and keep straight following the trail for 2.2km (6.2km from the start) and turn right at the Losberg out&back section. Follow the trail for 1.2km and it will lead you to the second peak Losberg. Take a picture as proof that you have reached the summit and note your time. Complete the back setion of 1.2km and at the T junction turn right towards Montagu Pass CP2 another 2.3km ahead.
This is a good place for your seconding team to support. Fill up all your water containers and eat/drink enough before heading out.
Strava segments for this section:
Start to top of Vensterberg:
Vensterberg Up and Down:
Start to Losberg/ 2 Peaks FKT:
Vensterberg to Losberg:
Strava segment for Leg 1:

Leg 2: Cradock Peak (1578m) and George Peak (1337m)
Distance: 17.6km - Elevation gain 1390m
From CP2(Amanda's Grave) follow the rd and turn right on the Montagu pass. Run +-100m and get onto the railway track. You will need your headlamp for the tunnels. Follow the railway line for 7.4km (18.5km total distance from start) and turn left onto the traditional Cradock Peak route. Accent the trail to the T junction at the saddle.
Turn left at the T junction and follow the trail towards Cradock Peak (1578m) 1.7km (23.8km from the start) Just before you reach the peak you will have to climb a rock face once you see it on your right(look for arrows painted on the rocks) Take a picture as proof that you have reached the summit and note our time.
Return the same way and carry on straight for 1km after saddle T-junction until you reach George Peak (1337). Take a picture as proof that you have reached the summit and note your time. By this time you would have done 26.5km and only 2 peaks to go.
Decent down from George Peak to the Cross CP3 (2.4km 28.4km in total) This section called the George Peak VK is steep downhill and is known to be muddy and dangerous in bad weather conditions. A 500m section has some steep drop off’s, so please be very careful.

Strava segments for this section:
Montagu Pass CP2 to Cradock Peak via railway track:
Railway track to Nek:
Final climb nek to Cradock Peak:
Start to Cradock Peak:
Start to George Peak:
Cradock Peak to George Peak:
George Peak to Cross:
Strava segment for Leg 2:

Leg 3: Tierkop(778m) and Groenkop(635m)
Distance: 17.6km - Elevation gain 1100m
After leaving the Cross CP3 head straight down the trail towards George until you reach the railway line(700m down from cross, 29.1km from the start) Turn left on the railway line and follow for 6km just before the horse shoe bend take the grassy jeep track to your left. Veer slightly right avoiding the uphill road to your right. Take the next jeep track to your left and follow it all the way to the George dam wall. On this section you will cross 1 stream, make sure to fill up. Cross the dam wall and proceed on this trail for 3km ascending towards Tierkop. Turn left once you hit the jeep track and you will see Tierkop hut straight ahead.
Continue the 400m climb up to the actual Tierkop peak (778m). Take a picture as proof that you have reached the summit and note your time. By this time you would have done 41km and only the last peak (Groenkop) to summit.
Return the same way down to Tierkop and take the trail to your right at Tierkop hut. Follow this trail until you reach the jeep track and look towards your left for the Godfather trail towards Groenkop. The Godfather trail is marked with ribbons. Follow these markers all the way to Groenkop.
Drop down to the Kaaimans river(1.2km down) Be careful at the steep drop-off just before the river. Cross the river and fill your containers. Head up the initial steep climb. Watch out for burned vegetation, they are sharp and could cause an injury. Cross the first jeep track, continue until you reach the second jeep track where you might find a vehicle. Cross this jeep track and the FKT finish will soon be in site. Once you reach Groenkop(635m) the finish(45.5km in total from the start) of the FKT, take a foto of yourself and of your watch. Stop and save your work-out on your GPS device and start a new activity on your way down from there. Follow the dirt road towards the extraction point at Strawberry Hill

Strava segments for this section:
Cross to Tierkop:


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