Route: Glacier Peak Reverse Lollipop (WA)

Submitted by nwhs on Mon, 06/22/2020 - 06:15pm
Washington, US
105 mi
Vertical Gain
29,000 ft

This is a 105-mile, 29,000' scenic tour of the Glacier Peak Wilderness that includes a full circumnavigation and summit of Dakobed (Glacier Peak) via the Cool and Gerdine Glaciers. Dakobed and its adjacent Dakobed Range ridgeline comprise several large glaciers and are the "great parent" to the White, Sauk, and Suiattle Rivers and this tour passes a traveller through all three major drainages and their tributary streams.

The route, as presented here, begins at the White River Trailhead and goes counter-clockwise, circumnavigating first before summiting the peak and exiting the area. From the White River trailhead, begin northbound on the White River Trail and continue northeast to Boulder Pass before descending from the pass down to the Napeequa River. Head north and up valley to High Pass and then down to Buck Creek Pass. From Buck Creek Pass, the route proceeds north to join the southbound PCT. Once on the PCT, head west to cross the Suiattle River, and stay on the PCT west of Dakobed before linking up with Glacier Peak Meadows some 30-something miles later. Passing through Glacier Peak Meadows,  prevents retracing steps on White Pass as an out and back on the return, and continues under the White Chuck Glacier to Glacier Gap, a popular climber's bivy. Climb the "standard route" over the Gerdine and Cool Glaciers before retracing the route back down to Glacier Gap where the climber's trail continues south to White Pass and rejoins the southbound PCT. On the PCT proceed south before turning east into the endless brush of Indian Creek and eventually its confluence with the White River. This route is roughly 70% trail, 15% snow/glacier in mid-season and 15% more unmarked climbing route. Indian Creek is technically trail, but is also the 5% of the route that can be described as unmarked head high brush that resembles a route.

Note that the circumnavigation part of this route overlaps, but is different from, the Glacier Peak Circumnavigation route on this site.  The present route takes the High Pass route on the east side of the peak.  This is an off trail section that follows popular landmarks; that is, Glacier Peak Meadows and High Pass are mapped routes, as are the climbing routes, they're just not trails sensu strictu. It resembles more of a known high route in these places. The route involves truly remote, committing travel.


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