Route: Gotaleden (Sweden)

75 km
Vertical Gain
1,200 m

Gotaleden stretches from Gothenburg on the west coast to Alingsås in the east, 75km.

GPS Track


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Will do an attempt on the Unsupported FKT on sunday the 5th of July starting at 8 am (-ish)

Did a run yesterday starting from Alingsås. My Gps said 75km distance. What distance did you get? the route was changed after ingared due to road construction and then it was a strange loop on the north side of aspen. 

Anyhow, great trail! 

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Ran 74,3km and ran from Göteborg to Alingsås.  I had some struggle with following the trail when approaching Alingsås but other than that it was good.  Yes, GREAT trail.  Even though I will never ever take back that FKT from you I might still run it next year again just to beat my own time.