Route: Gotthard 100km (Switzerland)


The Gotthard 100k navigates the heart of the Swiss Alps.
This is a fundamental road circuit, usually favored by motorsports enthusiasts and cyclists. However, it is also a perfect road ultra marathon route, that adds up to 100 km distance if start/finish are at the same spot. The route passes by snow-capped mountain peaks, glaciers and goes through three cantons (Uri, Valais, Ticino).
Furthermore, it will take runners past three major water sources: the Reuss river, later making up the "Rhine"; the Source of the Italian river "Po", and the glacier melting into the stream known as "Rhone".
One may enter the course at any given point, since overall distance and elevation gain won't be affected. Also direction (cw, ccw) is irrelevant, again for the aforementioned reasons. The course may be accomplished unsupported (there are stores and cafes in all of the villages passed) or supported: crews may follow in a car since the route sticks to the road.
That being said: weekends are not a wise choice and all possible safety measures must be taken (high-visibility outfit, reflective accessories etc).

Attention: The route IS ON the road, except between the towns of Oberwald and Ulrichen, where it follows the cycling trail markers due to safety reasons. See map for details.

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