Route: Grand Traverse (WY)

Wyoming, US

The Grand Traverse has become a truly iconic route holding lore and reverence from the climbing and running communities alike, it is a traverse of ten of the Grand Teton’s range most important summits. The starting elevation in the valley floor is 6,700', starting and finishing at Lupine Meadows Trailhead.

The route is well described on Mountain Project where this is considered a 4/4 star classic route - it is considered an extreme accomplishment to complete the route in under 24 hours, as it usually takes 2-3 days as part of a guided service. See the Grand Traverse Stats Page to read about people's sub-24 hour accomplishments, completions, and ratings.
The summit elevations in order are: 
The cumulative elevation gain is about 12,000' with difficulties up to YDS 5.8, the length about 14 miles.

The first ascent of the Grand Traverse from south to north was by Allen Steck, Dick Long and John Evans in 1963 in just over 21 hours. In 1988 the Traverse was done by Alex Lowe in 8h15m, and in 2001 legendary pro climber Rolando Garibotti (IG) set the speed record for completing the entire traverse in 6h47m. That record stood for over 15 years, until Nick Elson (TWIG) bested it in 2016. 
It goes without saying that this is not a casual trail run, this FKT pushes the upper edges of the FKT guidelines for technicality with a percentage of the total time being spent on 5.8 or 5.9 technical terrain, but staying within the 10% rule. As such there is real risk involved in moving quickly in this type of terrain and the attempter takes full responsibility for the risks involved, including risk of injury or death.
Notice that no previous attempters have left their GPX files present here: this is to preserve the adventurous nature of going out and rehearsing each aspect of this traverse diligently before the attempt, this is not the kind of route one just onsight following a gps track. Not that information will not be willingly offered if you reach out during your research - it's just a real conversation keeps the community alive, while a downloadable link keeps us disconnected.
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