Route: Great Ocean Walk (Victoria, Australia)

Victoria, AU
98 km
Vertical Gain
2,926 m

The Great Ocean Walk is a walking trail located on Victoria's south-west coast in Australia, traversing several areas of historical and cultural significance. The track makes extensive usage of eco-friendly facilities; with Parks Victoria and tour guide operators attempting to raise environmental awareness. The trail meanders along high cliff tops and sandy beaches. The Great Ocean Walk is a walking track, located 200 kilometres south-west of Melbourne,[1] stretching 104 kilometres from Apollo Bay to Glenample Homestead, located near The Twelve Apostles, Victoria.

We have a variation also for the Great Ocean Road.  The FKT route follows the 243 km Great Ocean Road, but takes the Great Ocean Walk where possible (Carla Molinaro called this the "Great Ocean Run").

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Ben Nicholls has advised of his attention to attempt an unsupported FKT of the GOW. Existing unsupported FKTs are being sought.

Andy Hewat has advised of a self-supported unintended/unrecorded FKT in 2015 or 16 of 17+ hours.