Route: Greenway South: Blowing Springs - Kessler (AR)

Submitted by matthewrunsfar on Tue, 12/22/2020 - 06:28pm
Arkansas, US
41.2 mi
Vertical Gain
1873 ft

This is a paved trail that runs from Bella Vista, AR, (in the north) to the south side of Fayetteville, AR, in the south. This route goes a bit beyond the full length of the trail. It starts at Blowing Springs Park in Bella Vista, and is the farthest you can get (at present) on the paved trail going North. In the south, the Greenway ends (unceremoniously) at a road. Instead of stopping there, this route goes all the way to the trail connectors at Kessler Mountain Regional Park. This is currently the farthest one can go south on the paved trail. So, in essence, this is the northernmost paved trail to the southernmost paved trail, connecting the two major off-road trail systems in the urban parts of northwest Arkansas. This is a route that people bike, but to our knowledge, I am the first person to have run it (which I did this morning).

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