Route: Groen lint Oostende (Belgium)

Submitted by C Sam on Tue, 02/15/2022 - 06:27pm
35 km
Vertical Gain
150 m

Groen lint Oostende is a scenic route around Ostend desigend as a biking route but also for running and hiking. The Green Ribbon (translation) allows you to discover the surprising outer edge of Ostend and along the shore/beach. New, 21st-century parks were created there, such as the Nieuwe Koers event park with the Astropolis observatory, the innovative agricultural park De Tuinen van Stene and the Oosteroeverduinen with the De Halve Maan viewing point. You will visit the Geuzenbos, along the Oostendse Kreken and the De Zwaanhoek nature reserve and you will become acquainted with the transformation of the Oosteroever urban district and the renewed seafront of De Stad aan Zee.

This route is an outer-urban circle similar to the Groene Gordel around Bruges ( and the Promenade Verte around Brussels (