Route: Hahnenköpfle (Germany)

6.9 km

Submitted by Jojo Klein:

This is the classic ascent to the top of the Hahnenköpfle from the valley of the Oytal. You pass along this route the so called 'untere Lugenalpe' and the 'obere Lugenalpe'.

The actually challenge starts right next to the bench, when the route enters the wood and always follows the official hiking track all the way up to the cross at the summit of the mountain. This challenge contains a total distance of 3,57 km and an increase of more than 700 m in elevation. No short cuts allowed, as only the Strava - segment counts:

If you face this uphill challenge the reward is a remarkable beautiful single track and a fantastic view from the top of the Hahnenköpfle.

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