Route: Half Dome - Glacier Point Loop (CA)

California, US
27.1 mi

Submitted by Tito Nazar:

I am afraid this is one of the best mountain marathon in the world.
Yosemite National is the famous spot for rock climbers. The Meca, where all inspirations rises and goes all over the world. The Stone Masters book inspires more and more people, a place where John Muir felt the deepest feelings, as we all feel even theses days. Yosemite is one of the places where all the people that love the outdoors should go someday.
I decided to connect the most epic trails of the park and goes like this:
This run began in the deepest camping site in the Valley of Yosemite. Run out the valley towards the amazing Glacier Point where the climb is high, but pretty easy and wide. After go down in a sweet trail with amazing quality and almost no technical downhill towards Nevada Falls, which is a perfect place for catching water, as then you have to climb a lot more towards the Half Dome. When i did it, the system for climbing the Dome was out, and it was only the cables hanging, so it was more challenging and exciting to go to the top of that amazing rock.
Then down the same cables to run down and reach the valley where the parking lot is again for the camping spots.
The down section is safe, with a few rocks on the ground, so you have to be focus as you are tired by then, but it is maybe me most fun of that day of all the downhills. As you leave behind the Dome, then you turn right the rocks go away until finally the trail gets paved and you have to simply keep going all the way down.
This was the most epic solo run I have ever done, specially because it was cold and not full of people so I was able to run (I´ve been told the rest of the years there´s simply too much people).