Route: Hampta Pass

Submitted by mukul dahiya on Sun, 02/12/2023 - 01:10am
Himachal Pradesh, IN
28.89 km
Vertical Gain
1,944 m

The Hampta Pass Trail - One of the most dramatic crossover trails in the Indian Himalayas. 

At 14,000 feet Hampta Pass in the Pir Panjal range of Himachal Pradesh falls under those rare, dramatic pass crossings in the Himalayas. the trail is a compilation of glaciers, gurgling streams challenging terrains. On one side is the lush green valley of Kullu — with forests, grasslands, and flowers blooming on the side of your trail. On the other is Lahaul's almost arid, stark landscape, with barren mountains and almost no vegetation. This crossover trail starts in Sethan in Kullu valley and ends in the village of chhatru in Lahaul.

On reaching the other side of the Hampta Pass, you’ll be in awe looking at the stark contrast from what you just left behind. The landscape that stretches in front of you is Spiti Valley, known for its barren stretches, rugged terrain and blue skies.

What makes the dramatic changes heightened, even more, is how thrilling the climb to Hampta Pass is. For trekkers, hikers and trail runners crossing the Hampta Pass (even without the scenery changes) is a great story of adventure. what increases the adventure, even more, is the nervous excitement of climbing to the pass over many ledges, almost appearing to get to the pass, but never really sure until you get there.



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