Route: He Devil & She Devil (ID)

Idaho, US

He Devil and She Devil are two peaks at about 9400ft elevation in Idaho that are considered co-highpoints of the Seven Devils Mountains unless a modern survey can determine that one is higher by a few feet. Flanked on either side by two major river canyons, including one of the deepest in the country, one of these peaks is one of Idaho's 3 ultraprominent summits. Because He and She Devil are separated by less than half a mile of class 3-4 terrain and only 600 vertical feet, peakbaggers interested in this statistic often visit both in a single day. Adding to the confusion, He Devil appears to have two equal-ish peaks (separated by only a few yards, thankfully), meaning three distinct points should be visited in order to claim the ultraprominent summit.

Though many routes could be taken to visit the summits, it is typical to link them up via She Devil's "High Route" and a descent of He Devil's NW ridge, as follows:
1. From Seven Devils Campground, take the trail to Goat Pass (YDS class 1)
2. At the pass, stay left along the ridge, eventually leaving it to pass under the Tower of Babel (keeping it on your left), then re-achieving the ridge near the lesser summit of Baal (YDS class 2)
3. Summit She Devil via her East ridge (YDS class 2)
4. Descend her West ridge to the He/She col (YDS class 3)
5. Pick a route up the East ridge of He Devil (YDS class 4+)
6. Descend a well-worn path on He Devil's NW ridge
7. Cut across to Sheep Lake
8. Return along the trail from Sheep Lake to Goat Pass and Seven Devils Campground

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