Route: HexaTrek - crossing France (France)

Submitted by tortocnt on Sun, 02/27/2022 - 02:32am
3,041 km
Vertical Gain
113,300 m

HexaTrek is a new super long distance hiking route trough all of France from the North-East to the South-West. It crosses the most spectacular forest and mountain areas visiting 14 national parks utilizing 47 known hiking routes in one. The trail has 6 stages of approximately 500 km each and a total of more than 100000 m of elevation. The team behind the trail has crowd funding, a community of hikers, and app for the trail, maps and more. The grand opening will be a through hike in the summer-autumn of 2022 (June to October). At FKT we envision this trail to become a magnificent challenge for hikers and trail runners and each stage is also a challenge on its own. Truly spectacular trail.

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Googlemap with stages:

The premier year was 2022 and it was reported that Yves Loup Fanton finished in 50 days.


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This route looks awesome. There is a small section I took many times when I was a kid growing up in East of France. Thanks for the navigation files!

A nice video following the first through hike, with tips on how to follow the route, camp, find food and water and most importantly enjoy. This is not a speed hike but an enjoy hike. There is a mentioning of a run through the whole trail in 49 days, if this will be submitted remains to be seen.



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Really nice trail. Does anyone happen to know if there is an unofficial FKT for this and who set it up?

We know that Yves Loup Fanton did the whole route in 50 days approximately, we did not get a submission for this though.