Route: Höga Kustenleden (Sweden)


The route was reported to us by Jakub Sliacan:

Höga Kustenleden is one of Sweden's most beautiful hiking trails and stretches 128 kilometers through the World Heritage Site of the High Coast. The trail is divided into 13 stages and passes highlights such as Nordingrå, Skulebergets Nature Reserve, Skuleskogens National Park and Balesuddens Nature Reserve. More info at: The route includes fairly long stretches on dirt roads, but also reasonably technical sections on lose rocks and rooty single tracks.  The route is marked with a 1k distance markers (and crossroad markers) like the ones documented here: So the beginning and end are very identifiable. The route has some out-and-back sections to viewpoints and such, but they are also not counted towards the 128-129k distance.

As far as we can tell, the High Coast Ultra follows the Höga Kustenleden (except some minor deviations due to checkpoint stations).  To date the supported FKTs for the trail are from the race.

GPS Track


New male FKT by Jonas Buud during High Coast Ultra 2019-06-07:

13 hours 5 minuts and 2 seconds.

I’m doing unsupported fkt attempt today. I’m in the bus 50 towards “start line”.