Route: Idaho 12ers (ID)

Idaho, US

There are 9 peaks in Idaho over 12,000', the "12ers". There is a website dedicated to tracking those who have climbed all 9 over any period of time, and also keeping track of the fastest times. The following "rules" are mentioned:

1.The clock starts when you leave from the first trailhead and ends when you return back to the last trailhead. So if you do Diamond Peak first, the clock starts there and continues as you climb that peak, drive to the Lost Rivers, go through them, drive to Hyndman, and ends when you touch your car at the Hyndman trailhead after having climbed that peak.

2.No motorized means of travel can occur once you leave the given trailhead for each peak. For instance, you cannot drive a motorcycle into Hyndman Basin, then bag the peak. You can't have a helicopter fly you to the top of each peak. You get the idea... Some mountain bike the flat section on Hyndman Peak, this is fine, but I must warn you that a BIG asterisk will go next to your name!

3.Traverses ARE allowed. For example, you can climb from Leatherman to Donaldson on the ridgeline if you so desire (and have the ability to).

4.No porter rule! You must carry your own pack. Someone can accompany you on the climb, but they can't lug your stuff around for you.

5.Drivers. It is acceptable for someone to drive you between peaks, cook you dinner, etc... However, no foot massagers are allowed, as that would provide an unfair advantage for any attempt at the record I might shoot for, as my wife refuses to rub feet and none of you freaks are touching them!

44.0821375, -113.7328047