Route: Inntaler Höhenweg (Austria)

74 km

The Inntaler Höhenweg (Inntal High Trail) is a hiking trail in Tyrol in western Austria, approximately 74 km (46 mi) long, between the cities Innsbruck in the west and Schwaz in the east. It is very easily accessible by public transport, as Innsbruck has an airport and is the man traffic hub between Germany and Italy. The starting point of the official trail can be reached with a cable car from Innsbruck. More ambitious hikers can access it by climbing up the elevation gain of ca. 1000 m (3280 ft). The trail follows the mountain ridges on the southern side of the Inn valley, and reaches multiple summits with breathtaking views all along. The total ascent is about 5000 m (16404 ft) and the high point is at 2791 m (9156 ft). There are plenty of huts along the way, where a hiker can refill water or stay the night.

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