Route: Itchen Valley Churches Trail (Upper) (United Kingdom)

Submitted by ultrarunner_jh on Sun, 03/14/2021 - 05:32am
United Kingdom
14.8 km
Vertical Gain
219 m

This is a series of trails in the Itchen Valley that take in a number of the areas churches along the way 

There are 3 main long walks that equal a total of 24 miles. Labelled as “Upper Itchen” (9.3 miles) “Middle Itchen” (8 miles) and “Lower Itchen” (6.8 miles) 

This is the “Upper” loop. It overlaps at times the Watercress Way and the Oxdrove Way 

There are 13 churches to see in total over the 3 trails, and on this loop you’ll pass 4 of them. St Nicholas’ Church (Bishop’s Sutton), All Saint’s Church (Bighton), St Mary’s Church (Old Arlesford) and St John the Baptist’s Church (New Arlesford)