Route: Jenny Lane Peterskill Loop

Submitted by Ian Shultis on Sun, 03/27/2022 - 03:21pm
New York, US
7.3 mi
Vertical Gain
1,300 ft

This is a technical ascending/descending route with constant back and forth with a few key places to open up to drop your time. Starting from the Jenny lane parking lot ascend to the junction of High Peterskill loop trail. After climbing descend down to the 2 bridge crossings, hang LEFT on the blue marked trail to remain on High peterskill trail until a 4 way intersection on top at the Compass hill junction, hang Right on smooth(ish) gravel on the most direct route to the Peterskill parking lot area.

You will want to scout this section ahead of time via maps and the posted route, you will arrive at the parking lot, head right into a grass field looping around the cliff line on a now Yellow marked loop trail which descends down along the river. Keep on yellow along the stream until it merges with the before traveled blue trail, you will now be back at the bridges to cross the stream and return on your lollipop loop into the hardest/longest climb now reverse on Peterskill trail. Push on the climb, you'll eventually (although not soon enough) come to the final mile of downhill which you take back to your start point to Jenny Lane.

Technical, steep, but this trail highlights technically proficient runners who can move precisely at speed, and suffer on busted winded quads. This trail traverses cliff lines, sandy gravel, and then jungle-like rooted stream trails with amazing trail diversity for such a short 7.5 mi route.  This route was first established in 2020 with plans of getting the time to less than 1 hr. 

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