Route: Johnson Park (NJ)

New Jersey, US
2.9 mi

Jack Taubl submitted this time-trial out & back route in a very popular park in Piscataway, NJ:

Located on the banks of the Raritan River in Piscataway and Highland Park, this 478 acre park is extremely popular and filled with activity all year long. The park is named after the “Johnson” family, who founded the pharmaceutical firm “Johnson & Johnson” and donated the original 100 acres of land for the park to Middlesex County. Everything from picnic groves and sports fields to an animal haven, and even a restored 18th century village can be found in Johnson Park, which is just across the river from the revitalized City of New Brunswick.

A wide variety of farm and exotic animals are on display within fenced-in areas at the animal haven which is open from dawn to dusk daily. This facility is visited and enjoyed daily by the young and old alike. Interpretive signage is displayed to provide an educational as well as a fun experience and best of all - its free! In Johnson Park you will see pigs, goats, a lamma, deer, a mini horse, and many other exciting animals!

This particular route starts at the very leftmost point marked by an intersection. The route continues to through the park until you arrive at another intersection, and a trail head sign. You then head back to where you started. (out and back)

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This is so cute and funny. I grew up in new brunswick and spent so much time in that park as a child and in college. Im gonna run it tomo!