Route: Jura Crest Trail (Switzerland)

319 km
Vertical Gain
13800 m

The Jura Crest Trail is the oldest long-distance hike in Switzerland. Signposting on the route – starting at Zurich and ending just before Geneva – began as early as 1905. It is a long-distance hike that links two major Swiss towns, and as the name suggests, leads over the heights of the Swiss Jura. This makes a sweeping arc towards the northwest, so those hiking this trail go a little round the bend – and over the linguistic border.

The route has a particular appeal, as it’s always easy to keep track of. Later, it offers far-ranging views of the Alps, Black Forest and the Vosges. Along the way, hikers encounter craggy cliffs and deep ravines, springs and lakes with no visible outlets, tranquil forests and extensive meadows as well as all manner of flora and fauna. Similarities aside, many regional differences are waiting to be discovered: different styles of house and village, or cuisines with distinctive tastes. The many mountain restaurants and métairies are ideal for sampling local specialities. 

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