Route: Kaiser Peak Loop via Mary's Meadow (CA)

Submitted by Nate Moore on Thu, 02/25/2021 - 01:58pm
California, US
14.3 mi
Vertical Gain
3,494 ft

The Kaiser Peak Loop is located in the Kaiser Wilderness in Lakeshore, Ca, next to Huntington Lake, just off of Highway 168. 

The trailhead is located at the end of Upper Deer Creek Ln next to the D&F Pack Station. From here you have the option to go clockwise or counter clockwise. The Clockwise route gradually works it's way up to Kaiser Peak at 10,200' in just over 9 miles, with roughly 3300' of gain . Along the route up to the peak, there is an option to add roughly two miles where you will head out towards the Billy Creek Campground as you parallel the road and cabins. Personally, I've found through experience that the Billy Creek option takes away from the mountain/wilderness feel and aesthetics. The route through Mary's Meadow is much more enjoyable, not having to see or hear any vehicle traffic or cut through the Billy Creek Campground, plus the meadow is always beautiful and full plants and wildflowers in mid summer.

Upon reaching Kaiser Peak you can see for miles in every direction and make out many very well known peaks and features. From the peak heading back down is roughly 5 miles and descends 3000'+. 

If you run the route during the week you'll likely encounter 1 to 2 people along the way and on the weekend will run into many day hikers making their way up to College Rock and Kaiser Peak. 

My Clockwise time is 2:54:08  CCW is 2:42:27 

My hope is that people with a love for mountain running will come across this route and hopefully have the opportunity to enjoy running it. I love this area!