Route: Kanawha Trace (WV)

Submitted by JoshKeck on Wed, 03/31/2021 - 03:22pm
West Virginia, US
32 km
Vertical Gain
4,750 ft

The Kanawha Trace is a 32-mile foot trail running from Barboursville, WV, at the confluence of Mud and Guyandotte Rivers, to Frazier's Bottom, WV on the Kanawha River. The trail was opened in 1962 and is maintained by local volunteers and the Boy Scouts. With the exception of public roads, the trail is located in its entirety on private property. Without the cooperation of these land owners there would be no Kanawha Trace. When hiking the trail please respect the property and interests of these gracious people. Take caution around dogs. 

The trail is blazed with yellow and white markers. 

GPS Track


I realize now after creating this that my GPX file is a bit off. For one, it was ran in reverse starting at Frazier's Bottom. And two, I had to reroute past some turkey hunters around the Devil's Staircase area. I think I may attempt a crossing again soon to get a better GPX. 

Also worth noting this is not the KT50K race route as the 50K goes off the Kanawha Trace and meets with the Adahi trail to circle back into Camp Arrowhead for the finish. My route is more true to the trail itself, taking you from Camp Arrowhead through the Wildcat trail section (which IMO is the hardest section of the entire KT). 

Great description of this trail that absolutely needs more attention on this app!

I'm about to turn 40, and haven't finished this trail yet due to physical limitations, but the lack of attempts logged makes me want to hit it with a day pack and see what can be done.

Thanks again for getting this into the app. Hopefully we can wake ppl up in this region and get some times!!