Route: Kilauea Sea-to-Summit (HI)

Hawaii, US
23.7 mi

Submitted by Warren Hollinger:

I managed to do what I will call the Sea to Summit of Kīlauea. The real summit is next to the Jaggar Museum with that whole area closed since last year because of the eruptions. So I went to 3 potential spots that could count as the new summit for this Sea to Summit challenge before stopping my watch. But honestly, the most natural finish could be at the sulphuric vent area looking over the Kīlauea Summit Caldera and Halema’uma’u. You're basically looking over at the closed-off area and the real summit 1.6 miles away. Ultimately you're 80 feet under the actual summit. As a climber that’s hard for me to swallow but you literally will be arrested for trying to get to it (since it could fall into the caldera at any moment - haa). What made the most logical sense to me was since the “True” summit is 1.6 miles away from the overlook mentioned above I just ran to a high contour point that would still be Kilauea and was 4040+ feet. I then stopped my watch.

GPS Track