Route: Kreuzeck Höhenweg (Austria)

Submitted by DaanNieuwenhuis on Mon, 08/10/2020 - 10:44am
52 km
Vertical Gain
3,190 m

The Kreuzeck Höhenweg - referring to the southernmost mountain group of the Hohe Tauern - stands undeservedly in the shadow of its famous neighbors. The Kreuzeck group with its many small mountain lakes and lonely high cirques are very beautiful. Right across this forgotten paradise, the Kreuzeck-Höhenweg leads a fairytale-like beautiful trekking route with fantastic views. This course is a classic hut-to-hut hike and is normally walked in 5 days.

It starts in Möllbrücke at the main entrance of the local church. This is the eastermost end of the Kreuzeckgruppe. From there it follows the Kreuzeckgruppe Höhenweg until the Anna-Schutzhaus. From there it follows the Kärntern Grenzweg (KGW) and ends at the striking landmark (Grenzstein) between Kärnten and Tirol on Iselsberg. It represents some kind of ideal line and follows as much as possilbe the ridge line of the Kreuzeckgruppe.,kreuzeck-hoehenweg/